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The EGO Lecta Knowledge Broker was founded by young, enthusiastic mentors with a desire to offer the young generations a high level of music education, new, more advanced learning methods and a modern approach of mentors to their students.

We need to be aware that the curriculum is an obligation, but warmth is vital to flowers and a child’s soul, for their growth.

Throughout history, we can see that the ancient Greeks paid the most attention to music, in addition to mathematics and movement. We have known music education for about 200 years and we have kept it at a very high level to this day. EGO Lecta opted for private music education on the grounds that public education is somewhat distanced from the modern, modern and advanced curriculum, which primarily gives the child much more freedom, creativity, choice of different programs and choice of modern learning approaches.

Children and the elderly can enroll in all musical instruments and singing at the EGO Lecta music school. Nevertheless, most children attend their piano department, where they also record the greatest successes. Individual music lessons at EGO Lecta are conducted in four different languages ​​(Slovenian, English, Russian and Italian) and at three different locations (Japan piano center, Dolgi most and Brezovica near Ljubljana). They are also the first private school in Ljubljana to offer an above-standard program of music teaching at your home.

They also understand music education as enabling
developing better concentration and work habits.

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