LOTUS musical talent center

The LOTUS – CENTER FOR MUSICAL TALENTS is opening in the premises of the Japan piano center

The center offers piano lessons at the elementary and intermediate levels.

Both beginners of all ages and those who want to upgrade their knowledge as part of an amateur program or professional development are invited to enroll. They adapt the program to your needs and wishes.

They are opening a preparatory internship program, where they accept children aged 4 to 6. Here, children in small groups (up to 6 children) will learn about singing, the musical basics of the piano and develop creativity.

A special feature of learning for the basic level of education is the teaching of music, which is included in the time of individual piano lessons until the 4th grade.

For the secondary school level, they adapt the teaching of theoretical subjects according to the individual candidate and his needs.

The teaching of an individual subject can take place in Slovene, Croatian, German, English or French.

LOTUS – The Center for Musical Talents wants to bring the music world closer to as many children and adults as possible. Together you will find a way to make playing the piano a daily joy and delight.

For more information you can visit the website, write to the e-mail address: lotus.cgt@gmail.com or call tel .: +386 1 438 47 90

 “ We use sounds to create music, just as we use words to create language.”   Frédéric Chopin